30-May-2024 Acqusition of Bethebrand Experience Ltd
03-May-2024 Holding(s) in Company
30-Apr-2024 Pre-close Statement and Trading Update
02-Apr-2024 Sale of domain and update re. WML
20-Mar-2024 Holding(s) in Company
19-Mar-2024 Holding(s) in Company
18-Mar-2024 Holding(s) in Company
21-Feb-2024 Acquisition of Arc Technology Limited
29-Jan-2024 Holding(s) in Company
22-Jan-2024 Director PDMR Shareholding
02-Jan-2024 Director PDMR Shareholding
22-Dec-2023 Grant of Options
22-Dec-2023 Director PDMR Shareholding
07-Dec-2023 Update re. the sale of Works Manchester Limited
30-Nov-2023 Change of Registered Office
27-Nov-2023 Half-year Report
17-Oct-2023 Change of Company Name
16-Oct-2023 Director PDMR Shareholding
06-Oct-2023 Grant of Options
29-Sep-2023 Holdings in Company and Total Voting Rights
26-Sep-2023 Result of AGM and Change of Name and Website
21-Sep-2023 Holding(s) in Company
20-Sep-2023 Holding(s) in Company
15-Sep-2023 Replacement Result of GM and Open Offer
08-Sep-2023 Director PDMR Shareholding
29-Aug-2023 Fundraise of up to £27.9 million and other matters
26-Jul-2023 Final Results FY23
1-Jun-2023 Update – Sale of Works Manchester
3-May-2023 Pre-close Statement and Trading Update
3-Apr-2023 Holding(s) in Company
17-Feb-2023 Acquisition of Topfloor Systems Limited
20-Jan-2023 Bond Issue
18-Jan-2023 Acquisition of Care Management Systems Limited
28-Dec-2022 Holding(s) in Company
13-Dec-2022 Replacement Bond Issue
07-Dec-2022 Acquisition of Watermark Technologies Limited
24-Nov-2022 Half-year Report
31-Oct-2022 Board Appointment
07-Oct-2022 Holding(s) in Company
06-Oct-2022 Holding(s) in Company
27-Sep-2022 Bond Issue
22-Sep-2022 Acquisition of Vertical Plus Limited
14-Sep-2022 Result of AGM
27-Jul-2022 Replacement Final Results
19-May-2022 Sale of Subsidiary and Board Changes
04-May-2022 PDMR Shareholding
06-Apr-2022 Pre-close Trading and Strategy Update
22-Nov-2021 Half-year Report
15-Sept-2021 Result of AGM
15-Sept-2021 AGM Trading Statement
28-Jul-2021 Final Results
16-Apr-2021 Pre-close Trading and Strategy Update
03-Mar-2021 Block Admission Review & Block Cancellation
08-Jan-2021 Statement re Share Price Movement
31-Dec-2020 Total Voting Rights
14-Dec-2020 Issue of Equity re Share Stake Scheme
25-Nov-2020 Half-year Report
22-Sept-2020 Result of AGM
22-Sept-2020 AGM Trading Statement and Acquisition Update
03-Sept-2020 Block listing Interim Review
01-Sept-2020 Replacement Final Results
24-Jul-2020 Replacement Bond Facility & Trading Update
28-Apr-2020 PDMR Shareholding
31-Mar-2020 Total Voting Rights
25-Mar-2020 Trading Statement and Acquisition Strategy
26-Feb-2020 Block Admission Application
09-Jan-2020 Directorate Change
27-Nov-2019 PDMR Shareholding
27-Nov-2019 Half-year Report
30-Sept-2019 Total Voting Rights
25-Sept-2019 Result of AGM
20-Sept-2019 Exercise of Options
30-Aug-2019 Total Voting Rights
28-Aug-2019 Final Results
20-Aug-2019 Holding(s) in Company
19-Aug-2019 Holding(s) in Company 2
19-Aug-2019 Holding(s) in Company 1
16-Aug-2019 Holding(s) in Company
15-Aug-2019 Holding(s) in Company
12-Aug-2019 Result of General Meeting
24-Jul-2019 Issue of Equity and Notice of GM
03-Jul-2019 Trading Update and AGM Notice
02-Jul-2019 Update – Acquisition of Image Everything
09-Apr-2019 PDMR Shareholding
29-Mar-2019 Total Voting Rights
28-Mar-2019 Holding(s) in Company
28-Mar-2019 Holding(s) in Company
28-Mar-2019 Holding(s) in Company
28-Mar-2019 Holding(s) in Company
26-Mar-2019 – RNS Reach Acquisition of Artichoke Design
25-Mar-2019 Subscription to raise £1.1m and Director Dealing
17-Jan-2019 Investment in Production Hub
28-Nov-2018 Half-year Report
26-Oct-2018 Notice of Interim Results
26-Sep-2018 Update – Acquisition of Image Everything
15-Aug-2018 Employee Share Scheme
27-Jul-2018 Result of AGM
27-Jul-2018 AGM Statement
05-Jul-2018 – RNS Reach Acquisition of AG Signs
26-Jun-2018 Board Changes
11-Jun-2018 Final Results
11-Jun-2018 AGM Invite
31-May-2018 Total Voting Rights
04-May-2018 Holding(s) in Company
03-May-2018 Holding(s) in Company
03-May-2018 Holding(s) in Company
03-May-2018 Holding(s) in Company
03-May-2018 Holding(s) in Company
02-May-2018 Result of General Meeting and Total Voting Rights
02-May-2018 Articles of Association
27-Apr-2018 Grant of Extended Master Licence Agreement
13-Apr-2018 PDMR Shareholding
13-Apr-2018 Issue of Equity and Change of Adviser
23-Mar-2018 Trading Statement
05-Mar-2018 Holding(s) in Company
22-Feb-2018 Holding(s) in Company
20-Feb-2018 Transaction in Own Shares
23-Jan-2018 Directorate Change
23-Nov-2017 Director / PDMR Shareholding
23-Nov-2017 Holdings in Company
10-Nov-2017 Director / PDMR Shareholding
08-Nov-2017 Director / PDMR Shareholding
07-Nov-2017 Director / PDMR Shareholding
06-Nov-2017 Half-year Report
27-Oct-2017 Holdings in Company
27-Oct-2017 Holdings in Company
28-Jul-2017 Result of AGM
28-Jul-2017 AGM Statement
17-Jul-2017 Acquisition
07-Jun-2017 Final Results
16-May-2017 Trading Update Replacement
10-Apr-2017 Trading Update
24-Feb-2017 Employee Shares
24-Feb-2017 PDMR Sharedealing
21-Feb-2017 Trading Update
16-Jan-2017 Acquisition
08-Dec-2016 Holdings in Company
16-Nov-2016 Director/PDMR Shareholding
09-Nov-2016 Director/PDMR Shareholding
08-Nov-2016 Half Yearly Report
14-Oct-2016 Period End Trading Update and Notice of Results
26-Aug-2016 Transaction in Own Shares
15-Aug-2016 Directorate Change
15-Aug-2016 Transaction in Own Shares
05-Aug-2016 AGM Statement
14-Jun-2016 Holding(s) in Company
09-Jun-2016 Holding(s) in Company
08-Jun-2016 Final Results
03-May-2016 Holding(s) in Company
19-Apr-2016 Holding(s) in Company
07-Apr-2016 Trading Statement
24-Mar-2016 Holding(s) in Company
15-Mar-2016 Directorate Change
29-Feb-2016 Transaction in Own Shares
24-Feb-2016 Trading Update
12-Feb-2016 Director/PDMR Shareholding
12-Feb-2016 Holding(s) in Company
21-Jan-2016 Holding(s) in Company
02-Dec-2015 Holding(s) in Company
27-Nov-2015 Holding(s) in Company
24-Nov-2015 Holding(s) in Company
23-Nov-2015 Holding(s) in Company
19-Nov-2015 Holding(s) in Company
18-Nov-2015 Director/PDMR Shareholding
16-Nov-2015 Holding(s) in Company
11-Nov-2015 Holding(s) in Company
11-Nov-2015 Transaction in Own Shares and Total Voting Rights
09-Nov-2015 Director/PDMR Shareholding
09-Nov-2015 Half Yearly Report
06-Oct-2015 Sale of Subsidiary, Board Changes and Trading
04-Aug-2015 Holding(s) in Company
17-Jul-2015 AGM Statement
08-Jun-2015 Preliminary Results
07-Apr-2015 Trading Update
19-Feb-2015 Trading Update
13-Nov-2014 Director Dealings
10-Nov-2014 Half Yearly Report
09-Oct-2014 Trading Statement
18-Jul-2014 AGM Statement
03-Jul-2014 Director/PDMR Shareholding
01-Jul-2014 Director/PDMR Shareholding
09-Jun-2014 Final Results
07-Apr-2014 Trading Statement
03-Feb-2014 Transaction in Own Shares
16-Jan-2014 Trading Statement
04-Nov-2013 Half Yearly Report
08-Oct-2013 Post-Close Trading Statement
28-Aug-2013 Holding(s) in Company
14-Aug-2013 Holding(s) in Company
24-Jul-2013 Change of name from Printing
19-Jul-2013 Result of Annual General Meeting
19-Jul-2013 AGM Statement
09-Jul-2013 Notice of AGM and Posting of Annual Report and Accounts
10-Jun-2013 Final Results
04-Apr-2013 Pre Close Trading Statement
20-Feb-2013 Trading Statement
26-Nov-2012 Drrectorate Change
12-Nov-2012 Half Yearly Report
29-Oct-2012 Change of Name of Nominated Adviser and Broker
09-Oct-2012 Post-Close Trading Statement
05-Sep-2012 Holding(s) in Company
29-Aug-2012 Holding(s) in Company
10-Aug-2012 Resignation of Director
09-Aug-2012 Capital Reduction
20-Jul-2012 Result of AGM
20-Jul-2012 AGM Statement
26-Jun-2012 Notice of AGM and Capital Reduction
25-Jun-2012 Appointment of Director
15-Jun-2012 Holding(s) in Company
06-Jun-2012 Final Results
04-Apr-2012 Pre-Close Trading Statement
07-Mar-2012 Holding(s) in Company
21-Feb-2012 Trading Update
14-Feb-2012 Holding(s) in Company
01-Feb-2012 Change of Adviser
05-Jan-2012 Holding(s) in Company
21-Dec-2011 Holding(s) in Company
05-Dec-2011 Holding(s) in Company
30-Nov-2011 Total Voting Rights
17-Nov-2011 Director/PDMR Shareholding
07-Nov-2011 Half Yearly Report
03-Nov-2011 Holding(s) in Company
31-Oct-2011 Holding(s) in Company
20-Oct-2011 Holding(s) in Company
05-Oct-2011 Pre-Close Trading Statement
24-Aug-2011 Holding(s) in Company
22-Jul-2011 AGM Statement